Review: The Lost Girls by Heather Young

The Lost Girls

The Lost Girls is an atmospheric mystery that unravels the fate of a young girl who goes missing in 1935. And so much more.

The book hinges on the disappearance of six-year-old Emily Evans, but it is not Emily’s tale.  This is the story of the mother and sisters left behind and the generations of girls who come after, all of whom are arguably more lost than Emily. Continue reading “Review: The Lost Girls by Heather Young”

Happiness is a Rainbow, Not a Pot of Gold

Happiness is the sun breaking through clouds, a rainbow over a rainy road, a golden leaf on a wet window.

Yesterday was a rainy day. The kind of day that starts out damp and grey and ends up dark and sodden. The kind of day when even the most cheerful souls struggle to find a bright smile. As I slogged through morning traffic on the way to my son’s school, my mood was far from sunny. Happiness was as elusive as a non-flooded parking space on a downtown street. Continue reading “Happiness is a Rainbow, Not a Pot of Gold”